CH Stelor's Witch Decision JH
CH Summertime's Southern Reign CDX JH MX MXJ RN x CH Stelor's Executive Decision JH
owner: Dee Stelmach DPM
breeder: Dee Stelmach DPM

"Isabel" or "Itsee", as she is often fondly called, was my pick bitch of the two Marley x Kaydee litters. Isabel and her brother "Ramsey", CH Stelor's Final Decision, were the "Decision Litter" stars at the 2004 GSPCA Nationals dominating the 6-9 month puppy divisions. Both Isabel and Ramsey won all their 6-9 month puppy classes, with Ramsey winning the Sweepstakes and going BOS in the Futurity. Isabel finished quickly with 3 majors. This was followed by 4 straight qualifing legs to be awarded her Junior Hunter title.
Isabel's movement is effortless and elegant with beautiful side-go and clean coming and going. She has beautiful thoughtful yet impish eyes, reflecting her upbeat personality. Her head is stunning and expressive. Her topline is rock solid, her rear is beautifully angulated. Her movement and personality are well balanced. She stays in fabulous condition...I called her my 'exercise pony'...I will put her out with sequential groups of dogs and she keeps them all running. She is very biddable and has superlative manners as well as drive in the field.
In the house, she is a bit of a 'neat freak'. Isabel will deposit any toys or objects left laying around either in her crate or her "throne" du jour. Currently she collects toys for her young brood of puppies, dumping them in the whelping box. She has temporarily giving up her primo position on the sofa at TV time to be the best shorthair mom ever! Her pedigree can be found here.

CH Stelor's Witch Decision JH