CH Stelor's Executive Image JH "Rooney"
NSS CH Lieblinghaus Chief Executive CD JH x CH Cheza’s Up N’ Adam Ranee CDX JH
04/24/96 - 03/04/09
loved by: Dee Stelmach DPM
breeder: Katie Tazza

Rooney won many specialty shows, multiple Sporting Groups, had multiple Sporting Group placements, and was a tireless and enthusiastic hunter and was in the Top Twenty GSP’s for a number of years. He was BOS twice and AOM winner at Westminster KC. He sired multiple champions who have had group wins and multiple group placements.

When Rooney retired from showing, he became the king of my household. Accidentally, he became a “therapy dog” of sorts, helping, visiting and comforting some of my dear friends when they were sadden by the loss of their dog. He helped heal their hearts and was an outstanding personal hunting dog, even hunting with one of his sons, while he was away!
He came home after a few months and was happily continuing his retirement here. Months later, my friends Brenda and Jim Raffensberger lost their shorthair Loree. I offered to let them have Rooney for awhile to help heal their hearts. They came to visit and Rooney took an immediate shine to them, especially Jim. So he has lived with my friends Brenda and Jim Raffensberger, a wonderful couple who live live near me, for the last few years. Rooney absolutely adored Jim and Brenda and yet was always happy to see me. I will be forever grateful to them for doting on him, loving him and caring for him in such kind way in his sunset years, especially over the past 6 months.

I want to thank all of you who were so kind to Rooney throughout his life—RuthAnn Freer who allowed me to breed my Ranee to Chief; Katie Tazza who helped me evaluate the “Executive” litter; Charlie and his late wife Margaret Schrader  and the late Lou Foehrkolb who helped me train Rooney; handlers Melissa Foehrkolb who started him him in his show career, “Aunt Nancy” Conrad and Keith Vooris Sr who showed the “Roon Man” to many BOB and Specialty wins,;  breeders and now dear friends, Sharon Roy and Dr. Ilze Padegs (who “discovered “ Rooney when “Aunt Nancy “ and I were at shows in Buffalo ),  Skip Smith, Norma Goodfellow, and Jane Spooner. I want to especially thank Rooney’s veterinarians—particularly my sister Dr. Kay Larkin, Larkin Veterinary Center, and Dr. Ira Luskin and his collegues at CVRC, as well as York Veterinary Emergeny Center, and Dr. Cindy Neibert for caring for him with such skill and compassion.

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